Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Continuing fun....

Yes, so this will be more fun then one would have ever expected. We looked at some more apartments today, and still we are having some problems in being clear as to exactly what it is that we are looking for. We explained the area that we were looking into and what exactly we required. Size, building age, location, cost, with that we thought we were covered. Today we get information that they have new places to show us and that they want to show us these today, not wait for after the weekend as we originally requested.

Ok, so we go and look and from the start is seems promising - newer building, right area - oh, wait - how much was your maximum? Yeah, these were beautiful because they were out of our range. Then in continuing our learned practice of asking the same question several times we find out that you also have to pay the building management fee on top of the rent. So now some of the ones that seemed nice from last time are now just out of our budget. And China is supposed to be inexpensive?

That, and they keep showing us apartments that are in buildings that are still under construction. This hardly seems legal, but people are living on the 24th floor while the 20-23 are still being completed. Very strange, but at least all the appliances are new.

The last thing we learnt today, after now figuring that we need to have 4 months rent, plus now money for building fees and all of the utilities is that you will also need to pay the agent that helped you half of the first months rent. So, it's appearing that we will need to have close to 5 months rent on hand, in cash, just to get into an apartment.

Good fun, and we are learning lots. Hopefully soon we can actually get a night off to wander the streets and spend some down time of the city. Really, we hope to have some pictures soon....

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