Monday, August 6, 2007

Living in Smurfland

Does anyone remember the cartoon about these cute little blue smurfs? After signing all the paperwork, the deal was to come back later and collect the keys from the management office. The outstanding issue was the living room furniture, and that it was going to be delivered around 7pm. Upon arrival in our new place, we saw the furniture that was delivered. We just looked at each other with that stupid look on our faces. You know the one, are you seeing what I'm seeing? We couldn't believe we just fell into smurf land. The sofa, love seat and chair were all leather as they claimed, but in sky blue. I didn't think they even made leather in that colour. Question of the day, how does one decided to have earth tones throughout the house, and then consciously pick a bright blue living room set?

Pictures to follow.....

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