Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Settling into our new home

Day one, in our new home, we had the Internet installed and in the typical Chinese fashion we had 4 people to assist what would normally take 1 person back home. Prior to the arrival of the Internet guys, our agent, co-worker, and I decided to watch some T.V., except it's all in Chinese. Yup, out of 90 channels, only 1, yes 1 has English, which means that we will be watching a lot of DVDs. Perhaps we will learn mandarin more quickly?

Later, a friend and I headed out to pick up a few necessities for our home, since our stuff is apparently back in the U.S and not in Shanghai as originally thought. Edlin took me to a wholesale store where they make silk comforters and duvets. Unlike us, their comforters are made out of silk and not feathers, and very hypo-allergenic. Absolutely gorgeous and expensive by Chinese standards, but well worth it. After dropping a chunk of change, we headed towards Walmart where we continued to stimulate the economy in Xiamen. Sheets, towels, and a host of other things were required for the new household, only to discover even Walmart doesn't accept credit cards. So much for carrying credit cards here, but at least you won't max out your cards.

So now the fun of unpacking.

On another note, we were told that a typhoon will be heading toward us either today or on Thursday. I'm sure we will have some pictures for everyone to see.


Mom W said...

How will you ever be able to fly home if Mark can't get his airline miles by using his credit card??? Will we ever see you again???

Lisa Wilson said...

No credit cards and only 1 ATM card to get cash!! OH NO!! But I am sure you will find a way to shop Tina!!
So do you not have CNN and MSNBC now that you have left the hotel? We'll have to keep you up to date on the news I guess!! Hope the typhon misses you!

h&m said...

Ha. I guess we'll be sending you those DVD's sooner than we thought.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are Walmarts in China... That's so depressing! Waaa waaa...
Emily Downer