Friday, August 3, 2007

Xiamen Weather update

We have been negligible in writing about the weather here in Xiamen. Per my sister-in-law she wanted daily updates, but since it's been pretty much been the same, since we arrived, I thought I would give it to you all at once. Saves on typing. Apparently for the month of July and August one can expect an average temperature of 100 degrees or approx 35 degrees celsius for you crazy Canadians. This is without the humidity, where it has reached toward 115 degrees. Actually it cooled off one day to a cool 95. The instant shade picture that was posted a few days back is typical of the kind of accessory (umbrella) one carries here. It helps, but it's still damn hot regardless of what my husband says. Anyone who is adverse to this heat, my suggestion is to visit us either earlier or later in the year. Speaking of later, we have been advised that September and part of October is typhoon season. Yippee, can't wait. We are generally protected by Taiwan but that depends on the winds and it is possible that Xiamen will get some doozys. Word of warning came from our beloved expats, if you have to go out, be careful as some of the shingles on the rooftops will come flying at a moments notice and can cut you like a knife. Well you know where I will be for the month of September.....playing solitaire on my computer, waiting for people to email me.

Actually it should be interesting and sure to have some great pictures for our blog. Stay tuned.

* - authored by Tina posted by Mark....

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