Thursday, September 27, 2007

China National Holiday.

Ok, so next week is China National Holiday, and almost all companies have all of next week off. We have been told that these holiday weeks are the worst time to travel within China, as everybody else has the week off and is also travelling. We have also been told that Xiamen is a big vacation holiday spot, and becomes incredibly crowded.

So what are we to do? I think most of you know already, we are leaving today for a week of touring in Vietnam. Ah, a nice relaxing week of touring....

That said, we don't know how much access we will have to an internet connection, so updates on the story of our life may miss a few days.

Don't worry, the minute we return, or if we can find internet access, you all will be inundated with photos and stories of our travels.

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Lisa Wilson said...

Have a great time in Viet Nam!! We will be waiting anxiously to get your latest updates when you return!! Safe Travels! Lisa W.