Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chinese Diet

Yesterday Mark and I headed out for a quick meal and found a small place near our home. Figuring that most of the tables were full, this is a good sign. We received the menu, and we decided that we would get the duck along with some fried rice. We ordered the duck hodgepodge, according to Mark's trusty phone. Basically we ate the liver of the duck along with a few other odd things we couldn't figure out. Spicy, but very tasty.

After picking up our tickets, Mark had to make a quick stop at the Marco Polo hotel. As he put it, "dinner wants out". Since returning from Hong Kong, our stomachs have been re-adjusting to Chinese food again.

Having spoken to a couple of friends about our problem, one gal said, oh.."the Chinese diet." Mark is the last person that needs this diet. It's quite normal, to go through a period of adjustment. The fun of living in a foreign country. The longer you are out of the country eating western foods, the longer it takes for your body to adjust.

This should be fun after the Christmas holidays.

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