Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Orientation Day at Xia Da

This morning was orientation for all the new foreign students attending XMU. It was a little over an hour and I met up with some of my new friends. Upon arrival, we were welcomed and then advised to stand and listen to the Xiamen University anthem. One by one professors, security people and administrators all welcomed us and then gave us the lo down of the do's and don'ts of being a student here at Xia Da. This is slang for XMU that everyone uses, Xia is short for Xiamen, and Da is short for Daxue which means big learning.
The first rule was to ensure that we register with the police as soon as you receive your resident's visa. According to the woman, anytime you leave the city, you must advise your professors or the school. Mmmm, okay, don't have to worry about that since we are on another type of visa. Second thing that they mentioned, if you have a student resident's visa, you cannot work or you will be in great trouble. Mmmm, okay so far so good. Third rule is, should you explore Xiamen, and by all means we should, you must stay clear of the military zone or you will be in great trouble. Mmm, already had the pleasure of someone yelling at me the first week here, so I can cross that off my list and lastly, make sure you attend classes, call your teacher if you are sick and be a good student. We were dismissed, and then we were advised to come back for the campus tour, held later this afternoon.
After orientation, I received a call from another friend who was at the office trying to fill out an application for students living outside of the XMU campus. He calls to see if I will be filling this out. Uh, no, and you shouldn't either. We are taking one maybe two semesters (will have to see if I am a good student or not) I say. It applies to the other students, not us, or so I think. He calls back later to say that they shooed him away. Why, I ask? He was told " this is too confusing right now, come back next week, we are only handling easy problems today".
Now, how often did you want to say that to your clients? Thinking back, I may have actually said that once or twice.

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