Monday, September 17, 2007

Our relaxing weekend.

Over the course of the last few weeks, we realized that we had actually been quite busy, and we had planned on spending this weekend in with only a minimal amount of activities. We all know that we shouldn't even plan like that, as what we ended up with couldn't have been further from our initial plans.

Wednesday we get invited to the wine tasting for Thursday night, "Sure, why not? We've got a quiet weekend planned."

Thursday we go to said wine tasting, and Yang asks if we would like to be shown around the island on Saturday, "Sure, why not? We've got a quiet weekend planed."

Friday we ended up going out on our "Blind Date", which was a lot of fun and a good night of drinking. It was a couple of quick e-mails and we figured "Tonight's the best night, besides we've got a quiet weekend planned.

Saturday we spend all day hiking and then run into Jose and Edlin. Not planned to be out until 01:00, but worth it at the time.

Sunday - ah, now we can relax.

We wake up late, pushing 11:00 which is amazing with the amount of construction going on, and then remember that Edlin invited us over to dinner at their place. When they call to confirm that we will be coming over, we offer to make our nachos. This is more for us, as now we have some beans that we bought in Hong Kong. We still haven't gotten a hold of the Mexican to get the beans and pancake mix that he brought us....

Shortly after talking to Edlin we realize that we are out of cheese and time is surprisingly short. A quick run to the Metro for nacho supplies and and then taxi back to Jose and Edlin's. As an added bonus, the Mexican and his family come over. It was nice to see everyone, to have an incredible home cooked meal, and to finally get the supplies that we had to beg the Mexican to bring back for us.

Ok then, full of food and happy we head home at 19:00, you would think that maybe we'd get to bed early. Nope, I wasted away the next three hours posting pictures from the weekend up onto Flickr.

I think that next weekend we will plan to be incredibly busy without a moment of time to think to ourselves....

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