Friday, September 21, 2007

Structure again

Finally, I will have some structure in my life again. Yippee! We met our teachers, which class level we will be in, (okay, no brainer for me!) purchased our books, and finally got our schedule. My friends except one, are all in the same class. So we will be helping each other attempting to learn Chinese. You want to talk about United Nations, we have students from Russia, Iceland, Morocco, Thailand, Korea, United States, Switzerland, Australia, and of course Canada. That's only in my class. There are 4 other classes that have students from around the world. Perhaps I can pick up a few words in Russia or Arabic while I am learning Chinese.

The good news is that the classes are done either in the a.m or pm and not 1/2 in the a.m and then return in the p.m. I will be attending classes on Mon/Wed/Fri from 9am until 12pm, and Tues/Thursday from 2:30pm until 6pm. These will be the mandatory classes and next week we can choose the elective classes. Basically you sit in the classes you think you may want to take, and once you decide, you have the teacher approve your request.

Okay, off to host the Xiamen Pub Crawl.

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Lisa Thompson said...

I'm sorry, dear - but based on the time we spent together I'm AMAZED at the patience level you've shown in the past week or so... What happened to that "bull dog" we came to know and love?

I'm so enjoying the blog and missing you tons!

You sound so happy and healthy so "all's right with the world" -