Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christmas in China

Yes, our belongings finally arrived today, now begins the fun of unpacking and finding a place for everything.

There was some confusion at first, seeing as none of the movers spoke any English and our Chinese is still quite limited. Being able to ask for the bill and ordering rice and vegetables doesn't help in these types of situations. I tried Tina's magic solution of dialing the English 110 number, but 4 calls in didn't connect me to anyone that could fully understand what we needed. Eventually a lot of pointing and head nodding and they managed to start moving boxes, however they were taking them the long way around but I finally gave up. Well, not gave up, came up to the apartment and got the number of our moving contact in Shanghai and had her talk to the movers. That helped, but by the time I finally got a hold of her most of the moving was already completed.

And yes, for those of you concerned, our wine did manage to arrive safely.

Ah, it was like seeing old friends. Welcome to our home, welcome to our wine fridge...

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