Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Flight to Da Nang.

Ok, so apparently this is typhoon season for Vietnam. We probably should have known that as we had been told that last week no tours were going on in Halong Bay, and that as the season progresses these storms move down the country.

So, this morning we get up bright and early at 04:30, and head off to the airport. At the airport the news program is showing satellite photos of storms and the paper we grab on the plane talks about the typhoon and how they are trying to warn all the fishing boats. Ok, I wonder if that is up north? The paper mentions cities but none of them do we recognise.

This storm picture shows the typhoon hitting directly in central Vietnam, where we are going, Da Nang, Hue, My Son, Hoi An....

Forty-five minutes into the hour long flight they announce that the weather is too bad and that the plane is returning to Hanoi, so now we are back at our hotel waiting for our travel agent so we can go over all of our options. Based on these typhoon weather reports we are thinking that we will skip visiting the middle of the country.

Update - We will be taking the train from Hanoi to Da Nang tonight, it will be an overnight ride getting us into Da Nang around 11:00. From there we will skip the whole tour of Hue and instead head straight to Hoi An. So we lose a day in Hue, but gain another day to see Hanoi and we get to take an overnight train in Vietnam. It all works out...

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Lisa Wilson said...

Tina I told you the Orbitz Tropical Storm Alert said there were bad storms by Viet Nam!! I hope you guys stay safe!!