Monday, October 22, 2007

Guest Post #2

I have to admit I’m a little “dehydrated” this morning. Tina and I wound up visiting Gulang Yu island yesterday and meeting with Nina, her pearl dealer. The island was incredible: old European style buildings with lots of hilly alleys and tropical plants. We will be going back to Gulang Yu Wednesday to spend more time exploring. We ended our day by meeting up with Mark and going to a Dim Sum dinner - I’m still unsure what Dim Sum means, but it’s delicious. We had Tsing Taos with dinner, then headed to an outdoor bar on the water where we drank more beer, listened to a Filipino band and played a Chinese dice drinking game… you know Tina and me - both brutally competitive when it comes to silly games (looks like Mark’s that way too) - hence the reason for my dehydration this morning.

Tina and I are now headed to her University. We will be touring a nearby temple, then Tina will go to class, and I will walk the beaches on the south side of the island.

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