Monday, October 29, 2007

Vacation over...

Ah, I've been spoiled. Having Emily visiting and writing the posts has given me a reprieve for about 10 days, now reality has set in. I have to attempt to come up with something witty, or entertaining for the blog, and I'm still exhausted to come up with anything that remotely reads like wit or charm.

As we patted our backs for doing such a fine job with our first house guest, we figured we are more than prepared to handle the onslaught of relatives/friends willing to come and visit us while we are here in China. That's a hint to all. In fact, we will tailor the itinerary based on your needs. We know that the needs of our guests will vary from one group to the other. Some will want to sightsee, some will want to climb and hike, some would like to shop, and others would like the spa treatment. Nancy your request has been noted. As long as you stagger your stays we will be up for the challenge and Mark has already posted our fees.

On another note, my husband did the Irish jig yesterday as the Red Sox beat the Rockies and today won the World Series. Yes, he was a very happy man.


Lisa Wilson said...

Go Red Sox!! I looked for you online last night Tina to tell Mark Congratulations on their victory!! Was going to call you via Yahoo and put the computer by the tv in case you weren't getting live updates!!
I'm sure you can come up with something witty to say, you always do. Emily tells me you are getting very good at speaking Chinese! That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I actually watched the game last night and knew Mark was up early listening to it - very exciting. Looks like the Wichmann B&B might start attracting some serious business! BTW, I don't think you can get the full effect of the spa treatment without climbing around for a few days first -- make 'em work for it Tina! :) Miss you!


Tina said...

Yes, Em, I believe you may be correct. We will make them work for it before going to the spa. By the way, they will start serving cocktails while you get a foot massage. We can thank Edlin for that one. LOL

Anonymous said...

Darn! I have to come back now. We definitely needed some cocktails to endure the pain; lol. Please have a foot massage for me, and say hi to my masseuse... I miss you Tina-weena!


lidia said...

Congrats on YOUR Sox winning this year Mark! You know what that means, if history proves right... MY Sox will win again next year ;)

Miss you guys!! Am saving my miles for a trip next year!!

love, L.