Friday, November 2, 2007

Another month already?

Yes, we've been in China just about a month since our last trip and now we need to leave our new home yet again. With Emily coming in for a week this month flew by even quicker than one would have expected. So, that said, tonight we are off to Thailand, Bangkok to be exact.

Once again I am relying on the expert travel planner that is Tina to plan a good trip, and I figure that since she's been here a couple of times she has the inside scoop on exactly what we need to see. Granted, she keeps telling me that it's been 16 years since she was there and there is a slight chance that things might have changed, but I'm looking forward to a good quick weekend of sightseeing and entertainment...

Being that this is a quick trip, we are not bringing our computer with us, so you'll all have to wait until we get back on Monday to see all of our photos. We will try and publish some quick stories, but that totally depends on if the hotel has a working internet connection.

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