Monday, December 3, 2007

Last Day in K.L

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur. What to do was the big question? Not because of boredom, just that time was limited. We needed to decide whether we wanted to go to the Pewter factory as recommended by a few friends, or pick up much needed supplies. Guess which won?

Off we tracked, to the Petronas Towers. They have 5 floors of shopping. You name it, the store was there. Gucci, Tods, Banana Republic, Chanel, and what we needed most; supermarkets and book stores. Yup, people travel to shop for clothing, souvenirs, shoes, we go for food, wine and books. We find the first supermarket and purchased most of our supplies. We could not however, find the cilantro nor black beans. Mark, the eagle eye spots the wine store where he discovers a plethora of Argentinean wines. The second supermarket didn't have anything we needed, black beans nor cilantro so we called it a day for food. Now we had to look for books and a cable for the Ipod. We couldn't find the cable at a reasonable price, but we did manage to find books and magazines that have been requested by our friends. Finding English literature is not easy here in China. We get to the hotel only to discover that they locked us out. Mark went downstairs to talk to the front desk. They reprogrammed the key, and we quickly packed our belongings before heading to the airport.

The next time we're on a plane will be for our annual trip back home for the holidays. Less than three weeks before we see everyone again.

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