Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Adjusting back to China.

Well, now that we are back in China we are once again freezing most of the time. To think that we were so worried about traveling home over the holidays because we wouldn't be able to handle the sub-zero temperatures. The entire time we were back we always felt like it was too hot, and we really enjoyed being able to go outside for a brisk walk.

Now we are back in Xiamen, and it is always cold. The temperature outside is a somewhat chilly 12 degrees (54F), and the humidity here has dropped down to around 65%. The major problem is that our apartment, as we have noted before, has no heat and therefore stays at a fairly constant 20 degrees (68F). That should be warm enough, but with everything damp it just feels cold.

At work and at school there is no heat everyone just keeps their jackets on, and most of the time they like to keep the windows open so that you get a breeze. I think that they do that to keep from getting to warm and having to take their jackets off.

We keep hoping that it'll warm up soon, right now we are trying to layer up with sweaters and blankets....

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