Monday, January 28, 2008

Local, well sort of, delicacies.

So while we were over Temptations over the weekend, Mark and Siew ,decided to bring us another local fruit for us to try. Local being Asia, as this is a favorite of Marks that comes from Malaysia. We had seen it around, and well before you see it you can tell that the market has it by its distinctive odor.
Yes, the smell is a little off putting, but George had a solution to that problem. We had tried this before mixed into an ice cream, I wasn't impressed but Tina seemed to like it. When I later said "It tastes just like it smells" Tina responded with a simple "Oh, my nose is plugged."

Trying the real stuff wasn't that bad, at least for flavor, but as you can see from Tina's reaction her nose was working that night...

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