Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back in China...

Ok, we've managed to make it back safely to Xiamen after our whirlwind tour of Laos and Cambodia. We visited 5 cities in a span of 10 days, and spent a total of 21 hours traveling between cities cramped on buses and on a boat, but everything that we saw and did made it all worth it.
Starting tomorrow we'll roll back the blogging to when we left and do an almost daily recap of where we went and what we did, hopefully this weekend we will get a chance to load our pictures up to Flickr. We took just under a thousand photos, but most of them fail to really show the beauty of what we were trying to capture, and in looking through them quickly it seems like a lot of them are a little washed out.

Back in China we have returned to the cold of an apartment at 13C that is still damp with humidity, and to think that I had actually said I was kind of looking forward to the cooler temperatures when we were climbing hundreds of steps in 33C heat...

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