Monday, February 25, 2008

Final Days of Vacation

Since the boat departed at 7:00am, we had to get up early yet again, since this was the only time the boat left for Phnom Penh. It will take approximately 6 hours. Yup, Mark was a happy puppy!

Upon arrival to the dock, there were people pushing water and food on you, the second you foot hit the soil. We have grown accustomed to the peddlers of Cambodia. We went to the boat which looked like it had better days and hoped for the best.

As we waited to depart more tourists came and these young guys would grab their luggage hoping for a tip. They don't say anything and the poor tourists believe that these guys are working for the boat company. When the person finds a seat, they just stand there asking for their tips. They were quite aggressive and annoying. The 7am timetable went out the window as more and more tourists wanted the same fun adventure as us. Mark and I just looked at each other, thinking where the heck are these people going to sit? The answer, upstairs. No, it's not a seating area. It's not about safety here folks, just dollars. Yea, I'm thinking this can't be good.

We finally leave Siem Reap. About an hour into the boat ride, the boat starts lilting, where enough nervous passengers sitting down below realized what was happening and moved very quickly to our side of the boat to help right itself. Mark almost ends up in the water as he was taking pictures, and people losing their belongings up above. The tourists inside the boat are grabbing life jackets wondering why they decided to go by boat when the bus was safer and faster.

We found out later that the boat hit a sandbar due to the low waters.

We get to Phnom Penh nice and safe but we were both glad to get off the boat.

Later we grabbed a bite to eat before we heading to the airport for our flight back home. As we were sitting there enjoying a nice relaxing lunch, we see something rather odd walking in the middle of the street.

The fun of travelling. Enjoying the unexpected!

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