Thursday, February 28, 2008

How well do you know the world?

Okay, so when you are bored, or just don't feel like working we have a game for you to check out. We ran across the site awhile back and we're both addicted to this game.

It's from trip advisor and it's basically an IQ test on geography. The idea is to locate the cities very quickly. You get points for proximity and speed.

We're challenging all of you to try this and see how well you do. Good luck.

Trip Advisor IQ Quiz


The highest I was able to score was 575,000, level 11. Apparently, I need help with Russia.


Ximena said...

Tina...I LOVE that game! I have that on my facebook. I got up to level 10 about 370 000 points so you got me beat. Smells like a challenge to me!

Mark said...

Ah, that's about where I always top out. I've never passed level 10, and I've got myself an IQ rating of 114.

And even getting that far really comes from the knowledge of Asia that we've gained in the last 6 months...