Saturday, March 8, 2008

China Construction

The weather has finally started to turn to a comfortable spring temperature, 21C (70F), so we took advantage of this weather to talk a walk along the street where they are building the flyover and take some photos.
They really have gotten a lot of the roadway completed, and it was nice to see the various stages of construction.
Lifting the sections of the road
Raised sections
Working on the supports
The construction on this project started back in October just before the National Holiday, and it was originally planned to have been completed by the New Year Holiday in February. That deadline was missed and we were told that the new completion date was in April. Looking at what is completed and what is remaining, we don't see how an April date is possible.

In other construction news, in the lot next to us they have finished the temporary housing and build some other buildings that we presume to be bathrooms and a kitchen. They have also brought in some digging equipment which, from watching them work on the roadway, we know will annoy us to no end. We will post video of this as soon as they are up and running...
We will keep posting on this as changes happen so that you can watch us slowly lose our view...

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