Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guest Blogger - Post 1

So my guest blogging begins...

Things are going good since my arrival, the flight was long but there were no problems. The Shanghai airport was a bit nuts, but I found a cab without a problem. Mark and Tina took me on a short tour yesterday around the area through the alleys and markets. You know the meat's fresh if its still alive, we bought a selection of fruits I've never seen before and some of them were quite good.

We went to a bar last night where the DJ was able to download some Irish music for St. Patrick's day and we had plenty of Guinness.

I thought I would be able to sleep in this morning and get some rest from the long trip but the noise from construction is awful and sleeping in isn't really an option once they start.

Tina brought me to the University then Nanputo temple today, it was a good hike to the top and I'm a bit tired but it was worth it.
Several people wanted pictures with me, at 6'4 I don't really blend in well.

We wandered back through more alleys, some of them are very small and wind in and out in all directions but we only hit one dead end. We found some really interesting shops where I wouldn't have expected them, one was though the ladies change room and some of them I could stand up in. They seem to sell a bit of everything if you know where to look.

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