Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More stories from our weekend.

Last weekend was yet another attempt where we thought that we would have a chance to just relax and have a nice, lazy, do nothing weekend. Once again we were not able to do that...

As we posted earlier, we went to a nice wine tasting with Mark and Siew from Temptations because, honestly, who would pass up a free meal and a chance to taste some nice Australian wines? Not us, that's for sure and it was only Friday night and the rest of our weekend was still free.

Later Tina heard from her friend Susan who was getting together with a group of friends and wanted to know if we'd be up for joining them for a short time. Sure, again that's no problem, a quick get together on Saturday evening.

Saturday we did get up early and spent around 4-5 hours walking along the road where they do construction, but that's just a nice easy stroll and fun looking at the different stages of the roadwork that is being done. This did add to having a full weekend, seeing as usually we sleep in a little more on the weekend.

Then we get a quick call from Laura to see what time we were coming over on Sunday. What? Oh, the Mexican had forgotten to call us and invite us over... Sure, no problem. Another weekend we thought relaxing was now fully booked.

Saturday night we met up with Susan and a group of her friends. Susan is a runner, and her friends are also runners who want to try and organize a group run and she figured that maybe we would be interested. Some other people came out that are organizing a Hash House Harries club - which is more orienteering and social club then really running, but it includes exercise nonetheless. The hash club runs every other Sunday and I quickly said "Yeah, count us in for tomorrow." but then Tina quickly reminded me that we were going over the Rene and Laura's... Maybe in two weeks then, nope we'll be in Japan...

Ah, well it did seem like a great group idea, and we would actually love to get out with them sometime. We just apparently need at least six weeks notice so that we can make sure to get them into our calendar. How is it that our weekends are so busy?

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