Monday, March 24, 2008

A morning in the fish market.

After an early night last night, today we arose at 05:30 so that we could head over to the Tsukiji fish market. This is the worlds largest fish market that moves approximately 5.5 billion US dollars a year. Apparently it opens early, around 03:00, but only for licensed members, it opens to tourists around 07:00 and winds down by around 09:00. We managed to drag ourselves out of bed and over to the market shortly after seven.

They really did have everything imaginable, it was something to behold. One of the really neat things to see was all of the frozen tuna that they had are were cutting into smaller chunks for sale.
After looking at row upon row of fish there is really only one thing that you can do - go to a local sushi diner located right at the edge of the market. It was only 08:30 in the morning and one of the well known sushi places already had a wait of a hour and a half, we didn't eat at that one, but at the one about six doors down that only had about a ten minute wait.

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Anonymous said...

Sushi for breakfast - my kind of place!

Lisa T