Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's day

Happy April Fool's day, or in our case, anniversary. It has already been two years since Mark and I were married and yet at times it seems like a life time ago, and yes, I mean this in the most positive way. Last night Mark and I were reflecting on our adventures since our marriage, and there is a reason why we are both exhausted.

We researched the Internet and according to a couple of sites the second anniversary is cotton. Not that we were going to exchange gifts but if we did, I know Mark would be happy with a box of Q-tips. You laugh but you can't find Q-tips in Asia, hence the reason his brother had to bring a box for us.

Tonight we will be joining friends at the Sofitel for a lovely wine tasting dinner


Aiglee said...

Happy Aniversary!!!! :D

lidia said...

Happy (late) Anniversary... and many more!