Sunday, April 13, 2008

Guest Blogger - Post #3

We woke up later today 11am or so, that's what happens when you go to bed after 2:30am!

After getting ready, we walked down to the ferry docks and took the ferry to Bu (or Gu) Lang Yu. This other island was where the foreign embassies and residences were first located because foreigners were not permitted to live on Chinese soil.

The houses are of many different architectural designs, and the island is lovely. We shopped, walked around and then sat at the beach and drank Tsing Tsao and had some soup and rice. There were a number of mangy stray cats that were just bags of bones. One of them had the most beautiful eyes, one turquoise and one hazel.

As we walked back to the ferry dock, we spotted some teenagers or young adults hanging out. They seemed amused by us, and us by them. Styles here seem to be stuck in the 80's with big hair and Madonna style clothing. The trend in hair makes it look like they stuck their finger in an electrical socket. It must take hours to get it like that!

On the ferry ride back we rode first class on the upper deck. Two men sat at our table, and one was wearing a girlie pink plaid hat with flowers made of the same fabric on it. We had a good laugh, and Mark took a picture for me. I think they started to annoyed with us after too many photos. Turned out we discovered he was actually holding it for his wife.

Back home for a brief rest, then out to dinner to meet Tina and Mark's ex-pat friends who work for Boeing. Really nice people. They have a 12 year old daughter and two sons, 9 and 5. I got Alejandra's e-mail address for Zoe, I think they will have fun getting to know each other on line.

At the restaurant, you fish for your supper! You are given a fishing rod and one hour and you try to catch as many shrimp as you can. I caught 3. It was lots and lots of fun.

We had one of the best Chinese beef dishes I have ever had, cashew chicken, ribs with pineapple and zucchini and lemon chicken. We ate, and ate and ate and ate.

As we were leaving the restaurant I realized that they were making plans to go to a bar for a while, but I had to poop out. I am so tired, and cold and overstuffed, I just couldn't go out, so Tina and Mark have dropped me off to go to bed early.

Weather permitting (it has been raining tonight), we are going out tomorrow with Rocky, the Chinese man who Mark works with and helped Tina and Mark get settled.

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