Friday, April 25, 2008

Relaxing Friday

Ah, yes it's the weekend already and what better then to spend the evening enjoy each others company at home, just relaxing knowing that we have a hectic weekend of activity planned.

Yeah, a lot of nothing for a Friday night - we didn't even get around to cooking dinner until a little after 21:00. But then, as things often seem to do, fate decides that we are not supposed to waste away an evening with such perfect weather by sitting indoors. It was about 3-5 minutes after we said "I guess we should think about heading to bed soon..." that the phone rang.

Fifteen minutes later we are sitting outside over at You and Me 2 enjoying a beer with a group of the guys that I work with.
It is nice that we can wander over there so quickly, sometimes we forget how enjoyable it is to sit outside on a nice evening and just chat with a group of friends.

Tonight we are heading back to You and Me 2, but this time it is for their 1 year anniversary party where they are having a full open bar from 18:00-21:00, so we are expecting it to be slightly more crowded.

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