Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tina's Birthday Party

Ah, so since Tina's birthday fell in the middle of the week Siew and Siewyih decided that they needed to throw a small dinner party for us over at Temptations. Seiwyih who we all remember threw herself a polka dot / Seventies party back in December. Being that she felt we needed a theme, and she was best at picking this for us, we were told that Tina was having a pajama party and that we needed to show up in pajamas.

Ok, now some of you have heard us mention that on any given day you can see Chinese people wandering the streets in their pajamas, so we figured this wouldn't be a big deal to do. Tina and I wandered up our street to one of the many pajama shops that line the road and bought ourselves some nice high quality ones for a total of $20.

The night of Tina's party we preceded to get dressed up like we were going to bed and then we wandered out into the streets to walk the few blocks over to Temptations.

Walking in our pajamas

It felt oddly comforting to wander the streets in our pj's, and we really can't say that the looks from the locals were any more then they normally would be. We did wander past a group of other foreigners getting out of a car and they definitely gave us a double take...

Once we got to Temptations we noticed that we were alone in our bedtime attire, but Siew quickly changed into her outfit. Jose and Edlin had planned to change at Temptations but managed to "forget" their bag when they stopped off at the travel agency. George showed up and apparently the French sleep in jeans and a tee-shirt, who knew?

Siew and Tina - ready for bed?
Enjoying wine and lamb

The food the Siew cooked was amazing,a nice French onion soup, Greek salad, lamb or chicken and lemon tart especially for Tina. After the lemon tart Tina was then treated to an actual birthday cake, and a bouquet of flowers that Ann had arranged with Siewyih while she was still here. It was a really enjoyable birthday meal.

The highlight, of course, is Siew and Siewyih singing Happy Birthday to Tina in Chinese. A full multilingual party as Tina was sang to in Spanish, Cantonese, French, and of course English.


Lisa Thompson said...

What fun!!! Belated Happiness and many more birthdays to you my friend -

lidia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tina! Looks like you had fun -- and in your PJs no less! Best wishes for a great year ahead. miss you xo
love, lidia