Sunday, June 8, 2008

Edlins Party at the Mexican's place

Yesterday was the day for Edlin's full afternoon birthday party over at the Mexicans. This time we had also invited Siew, Siewyih, and Siew's kids to come along with us as well, just to add to the group and to let the kids have fun playing on the big inflatable slide thing that the Mexican has for all of his kids to play on.

Unfortunately the weather didn't feel like playing along at all, and when we got up in the morning it was a dreary gray with a light mist. It looked like there were some spots that were clearing up but overall it didn't look like we would be having a fun barbecue. We stopped over to Temptations and pickup up a lemon tart, along with Siew and the kids before heading out.

When we were heading over it really started to rain, not good at all, as it just wouldn't be as fun for everyone to be crammed into the house. When we arrived we found that the Mexican had realized the same thing and had gone out earlier in the day and made some quick purchases so that everyone could enjoy an outdoor barbecue.

Yep, a giant tarp to cover the lawn so that we could all still sit outside. Rene Jr. was put in charge of coming out every 20 minutes or so and running all the water off from where it was pooling up in the tarp. There were a few leaks, and it was smoky underneath from the grilling, but it really was a perfect solution.
It was a fun afternoon/evening with lots of great burgers and chicken, a nice cake, lemon tart, some margaritas, wine, and daiquiris. The bottle with the snake was out on the table but only one of the guests tried any this time.

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