Sunday, June 22, 2008

Macau Day 2

Saturday morning we woke up early to continue our tour of Macau. Another lovely day. Only 39 degrees Celsius and crystal blue skies. Something not often seen here in Xiamen.

We headed north to the Catholic cemetery, took a few pictures, and then moved on to Lou Lim Park. This was more of a Chinese style park, with Lotus ponds, small temples and a few stone lions standing guard. It was quite tranquil and also gave us a break from the sun. After snapping a few pictures here and listening to some Chinese play music on traditional instruments, we continued on to Flora Park.

Walking through some old streets of Macau

Now, according to the book we brought with us, at Flora Park there is a cable car going to the top. Here, you get a very pretty view of Macau. The lighthouse
was also located at the top. Of course when we arrived, the cable car wasn't working. We climbed to the top of the hill, sweating in the sun, knowing that once we arrived to the top it would be worth the climb. Not so much for the view, but for the snack bar that was waiting for us. A nice cold beverage in the shade was just what we needed after walking about 3 hours through Macau.

We arrived at the top of the hill, to find out the lighthouse had just closed for lunch. Nonetheless, pictures were taken and we enjoyed a beautiful view of Macau.


The cemetery we walked to earlier on

We continued our journey to the next stop. The wine museum. If for nothing else to get out of the sun. To get there my beloved decided that we should take a short cut and save about 20 minutes. Great, I know where this is going, I lament. Mark sees this trail leading down to, well, actually he wasn't sure, but figured it's at trail to someplace. We start going down this narrow path, and head right into a construction site and a junk yard. He then announces that we may have to crawl under a fence to get out as it appears to be locked. I give him my wifely stare, which basically says, are you kidding me? He then spots a door in the fence that's open and we take that exit.

The junkyard

We finally arrive at the wine museum, which tracked the history of wines back to early Phoenicians. After the meandering through the museum, we were greeted with a wine tasting. How could we refuse? It was a nice break.

It's about 2:30pm and we figure we should grab something to eat. We head over to the casinos, and see a Lebanese restaurant. It's been a long time since we have had good hummus so we ordered a few appetizers and then headed off to the MGM, to check out our luck at the tables. It started off very well, in fact we came out ahead. Now we figure we should have dinner as it's about 8pm. After dinner, we go back to the tables. Alas, our luck had turned and not for the better. That being said, we still had a good time, and met some fun people.

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