Thursday, June 26, 2008

New addition to Temptations

This may be illegal back home, but there is a new employee at Temptations. He's quite efficient, and a very quick learner. He's approximately 3 feet in height and about 7 years of age, and the son of Siew and Mark, who owns Temptations.

Ben started this week and was quite excited about working at Temptations, especially when he found out how much he was going to make for the week. The staff taught him about making coffee and when Siewyih ordered hers, he came prepared with the tray and placed the coffee in front of her, like he had been doing this for years. Later the sparkling wine came out while the owners sat back and relaxed after a hard day of work.

The owner Siewyih

Siew the mother of the new addition

Now I know why people have children!

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