Friday, July 11, 2008

Ipoh Day 3 - Cameron Highlands

The day after staying up late for birthday party and then karaoke, we were up bright and early for another day of sightseeing around Ipoh.

For breakfast we met most everyone from the family again for dim sum, and then once we were sufficiently stuffed we headed out for a short 90 minute drive up to the Cameron Highlands.
Once up in the highlands, we stopped at the BOH tea plantation where there are just acres and acres of tea planted on the rolling hills.The plantation has a nice restaurant overlooking all of the tea plants, and of course we stopped up to enjoy some tea and a quick bite to eat.

From there we drove down into the valley, picked up some vegetables, and watched the fog come rolling over the hills. Within 10 minutes we were caught in the middle of a nice summer downpour.
So, once it's raining what it there to do? Stop at a nice English hotel, the Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant, for some scones and fine English tea...
We sat out in the garden, under a few small umbrellas so that we didn't get too wet from the rain, and just enjoyed being able to sit back and relax.

It was a great day of sightseeing, and it was something that we never would have even know that existed had it not been for our great tour guides. After all that relaxing we finally got our act together and headed back into Ipoh, for that night Siew Hong was working to prepare a full meal for the family back at the house...

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