Friday, July 18, 2008

Language Lessons

Recently Tina has stepped up with even more language learning, only this time she's the one doing the teaching. Yes, Tina has once again decided to use her vast knowledge of the English language to help educate those who are yearning to have some basic English skills.

Some of you may remember hearing from Tina before when she was getting frustrated teaching a six year old girl English. Well, she wasn't frustrated with the teaching, she was frustrated with the parents re-teaching while Tina was still there. Apparently simple questions from Tina, like "What color is this ball?", would get a "Blue" from the girl and "No, No, White" from the mother. Just standard dealing with the mindset over here fun, I would usually tell Tina this is what it was like for me at work, except without the child. The ball, by the way, was red.

So, just over six months later and when a friend asked if she could help teach English, she apparently forgot that frustration and simply said "Sure, I'd love to." This time it's a little different, as Tina is helping to train restaurant staff with the simple words and phrases so that they can all communicate when a laowai, that's one of us westerners, happens to wander in.

So far she's been having fun with this, and they are all really enjoying learning. They've gotten most of the basics down, and Tina now has them role playing so that they can practice their English, that's what the attached video shows - we hope you enjoy it, we both find it quite funny.

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