Monday, July 21, 2008

One Year in Xiamen

Well if yesterday was one year that we arrived in China, today marks our one year anniversary in Xiamen.

It's strange to think that we have been here a year already. Mark and I often discuss how if crazy it feels to be living in China. We sit out on our balcony overlooking Xiamen, and still find it hard to think that we live here.

When looking back at our pictures, it was amazing that one of the first places we walked to was the market, and to this day it's one of our favorite places in Xiamen to go to on the weekend. Yes, Gu Lang Yu, is very lovely, and Nanputo is also quite serene, minus the crowds of course, however, Lundu market holds dear to what we believe is the essence of Xiamen.

In a year we have learned to be speak Chinese to help us through the day, though depending on the day, that could be debatable, seen some fantastic places both within and outside of China, our favorite vacation is still Vietnam, found a wonderful wine store, Temptations, which everyone knows by now, been to more Karaoke bars than I want to admit, made some wonderful friends, played tour guide to a host of people, have mastered walking across the street like a local and can negotiate a decent deal,when purchasing goods, though we still pay more than the local people.

All in all, it has been one of the best experiences in our lives. We don't know when we will be returning, but, whenever that day comes, we both know this will be one experience that will be tough to beat.

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