Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking you back to Malaysia

Okay, so we have one more post regarding our trip to Malaysia.

One of the brothers, Alex was classically trained on the piano. Alex studied in England while doing school workshops during the summer. One of his summers was spent in Toronto, studying at the conservatory of music, part of U.of T.

I had asked my sisters if he would play a piece for us, and both mentioned that it would depend on his mood, after all Alex is an artist.

After spending a few days with Alex, I asked if it would be possible to hear him play a piece of music for us. Alex, was kind enough to grant our wish.

Mark took a short video of his performance.

According to Alex, he made a few errors, and the next day he practiced, sans errors.

Naturally to the untrained ear both Mark and I didn't notice, and as far we were concerned he played beautifully, so thank you Alex

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