Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

It's that time of year again here in China, time for the Mid-Autumn Festival and all of the fun that it brings. I'm not sure exactly what it is, other than a holiday (wikipedia has this) where everyone gifts mooncakes to everyone they know. Mooncakes are the Chinese equivalent of our fruit cakes, delicious and good for you...

As added fun, here is Xiamen they also play a dice game called BoBing. This is apparently a game that was started here several hundred of years ago as a way to keep soldiers in the navy from missing home during this holiday.
Basically it just tossing six dice into a large mixing bowl and hoping for the best possible combination to come up. Yep, it requires that much skill. The best roll - four fours and two ones.
Back in the day they must've say around like this a played while enjoying their mooncakes. Now every store or restaurant you go into will have a bowl and you can roll and maybe win a prize. Tina's already won 30RMB off a massage and two free manicures, I've won a stick of gum.

It's strange because you walk around all you hear are the sounds of dice rattling in a bowl. They have them at work too, and you can't go 20 minutes before you'll hear the dice as someone is practicing for that big roll that they'll need later....

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