Monday, September 1, 2008

Prague - Vicky's Birthday Party

After a quick tour through Brno we were once again on the train heading for the next stop on this whirlwind tour that Barb had planned for everyone.

So, this is one of the places that Tina and I were really looking forward to seeing, Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic.

We arrived into Prague shortly after 13:00 on Friday, August 8 and we made our way to the hotel. From there we all wandered down to a small outdoor patio bar in front of the hotel so that we could watch the opening of the Olympics.
As much of an amazing show at the opening was, about an hour into our group started to split up, several choosing to return to their hotel room so that they could watch with English speaking commentators. Tina and I decided that since we would only be in Prague for a day and a half, we needed to take advantage of the beautiful weather and this bit of free time to get some sightseeing done that we figured wouldn't be on the next mornings walking tour.

After strolling around the city for a few hours we headed back to the hotel to meet up with everyone so that we could once again do a birthday celebration. This time it was Vicky's birthday, and Barb had lined up reservations at a local restaurant and followed it up with finding a local bar that had dancing for everyone to head over to.

The meal was excellent and everyone had a great time. And just to top off the evening the 80's dance bar that Barb had found just happened to be one of Prague's gay bars. It was pretty obvious when we walked in and went downstairs to the dance floor, but since we were the only people in there (and we were all feeling good from the wine at dinner), the girls just started dancing away and then making requests of the bartenders as to what music they felt should be played.

I think that turned out to be a perfect birthday, at least Vicky seemed to enjoy it and she's the only one that mattered. Tina, Liz, Barb, and Cynthia all spent some time on the dance floor, but Vicky pretty much owned it. At one point a group of about 4-5 guys came in and were slightly disappointed to see this group of women having fun in their bar. They lasted about two songs before accepting that these women were not going anywhere and off they went, much to the laughter and enjoyment of the group.

Yeah, that's a party.

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