Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guest Blog - Trip to Xingan

The next day took us to Xingan to see the Ling Canal. This Canal has an origin of 2000 years, (Qin Dynasty). In its day it it sounds as though it quite a monumental piece of engineering. Today, a winding river. If you've ever watched the cartoon 'The Flinstones', the episode where they travel to the Grand Canyon, you'll understand. This episode featrured Fred and the gang in awe of a large 'rock', compared to its grandeur landscape of today. We toured the canal by boat and at the end toured the village of 'Jiuwu' and it people.This villaage dates back to the Ming dynasty about 600 years.

Ling Canal

Villaga of Xingan
Ling Canal

Jiuwu Village

Jiuwu Village

From the village of Jiuwu we travelled to Yangshou and stayed the night there. Here we were able to see a spectalular show on the Li river (along with 5000 other people). If you saw the Olympic Opening ceremonies this year you'll get some idea of the special effects. Actually it was director for both shows.
Our next day took us down the Li river. Again, the views were spectacular and breathtaking. This day was a wet day, as it rained most of the way and the boat was only a half covered boat. We had made it to the end of our run and about to turn around,when our driver couldn't get the small bamboo boat start. He tried and he tried, to no avail couldn't get it started. At this point Dad got into the act. He also tried and managed to get almost started it and again not much happening. The driver tried again and this time managed to get it get it started. Off we go, soaked and all. Once we got back to our van we definitely had the driver turn on the heat. Now we are heading back to the airport to catch our flight to Xiamen. Our drive back included a drive through the mountains, a dirt, narrow and winding road. It was off the beaten path and it was worth it.

Li River
Local women washing clothes
Dad helping the boat driver

The road less travelled

We truly enjoyed this trip, wet and all.

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