Monday, November 3, 2008

It's tough being 4

Well the nice break is over, and now it's time for us to continue with the blog. Mmmm, when is Em coming to visit?

Okay, so Saturday, our dear sister, Hong, or Big Red as Mark calls her, was preparing for a small gathering that evening,for a friend of ours, Lilita and asked if it would be possible to look after her two sons.

Of course we would, though she did warn us that Daniel got up early and would most likely be tired.

We had lunch, and then off we went
to Gu Lang Yu. We weren't out the door but 3 minutes, and Daniel started walking slower and slower. Finally, he asked Uncle Mark if he would pick him up. For the next three and half hours Mark carried Daniel around Gu Lang Yu. Not sure how much he enjoyed it, but Ben sure had a good time.

As for Uncle Mark, well, let's just say he doesn't need to lift weights for awhile.

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