Monday, November 24, 2008

My last cooking class..

Well today was the last of my cooking classes held by Chef Siew. We had the added pleasure of her son Daniel's company today, as he was feeling a little under the weather.

We met up at 9am to go to the market, where Siew scattered around looking for items that we needed to make our dishes, and I kept Daniel from harassing the fish that kept flopping around.

We made stir fried rice, along with chicken in black bean sauce, and some soup for Daniel. We had pork chops that were made previously, so we just cooked those up to have with our rice. We were going to make lemon chicken the way Mark liked, however, we had too many dishes and decided to make it another time.

Stir-fried Rice

Chicken with peppers in black bean sauce

I had a lot of fun cooking with Siew and learning the Chinese/Malaysian dishes. I'm very thankful of her patience and time while attempting to pass on her knowledge onto a novice cook. I'm not sure how well my dishes will taste without my teacher, but I do know that she is a phone call away. Assuming of course she answers the phone.

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the home cooking! Who knew that fine dining would be included! ;) Your dishes look amazing, I’m very impressed. Should I leave the Triscuits and “Pasta Sides” you asked for behind? Mark might not be needing those anymore… See you soon!!