Friday, November 7, 2008

Where there's smoke there's fire...

Now that Tina's telling stories about her cooking, I think it would be a good time for me to talk about a little kitchen fire that happened a few weeks ago, actually when Tina's family was over visiting.

This actually wasn't just a little kitchen fire, this was a fairly major grease fire. Lots and lots of smoke, our whole apartment complex had that thick heavy burnt smell and the smoke was pretty thick. We had out windows and balcony sliding door open and it seemed like you couldn't see straight across our living room ...

In our complex, the bottom 2-3 floors are restaurants and tea shops, or at least they were - a lot of them have been closing up - but it was one of the bigger third floor restaurants that had the fire. We don't really know much about it other that it happened in one of the restaurants that's near the base of our apartment building and that they managed to put it out. But the next day we did manage to go down outside and take some pictures looking up at the windows into their kitchen.

It must not have got into the actual dining area too much, as they were open for business the next night.

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