Friday, January 23, 2009

What's for dinner?

The other day we were startled by the sound of a goose honking, at first although odd we just presumed it to be one on a layover to where they fly in this part of the world.

Then of course, as the noise continues we realize is coming from our neighbors balcony and we rush to get our camera to record the annoying sounds of this poor animal in distress

If you watch the video you notice that he is quite camera-shy and shuts up as soon as we start to record him.

Of course we try again....

... but he remains quiet - I think it's from the intimidating visit that he got. Kind of a "Yeah, we're going to kill you - making noise won't help you, nobody is coming to help you" only implied in Chinese. I am assuming that this goose thinks in Chinese.

Later that night while in the kitchen we noticed that the deed had been done and a few members of the family were all huddled around and plucking the goose. We're sure that they enjoyed a great meal the next evening; he sounded like he'd be tasty....

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