Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Consular Services......

...or lack of them.

When Mark and I first arrived in China, I registered us at the American and Canadian consulates, just for precaution. Your passport fees help to support the consulates and embassies around the world.

Here in lies the difference, Mark receives on many occasions updates and news from the American Consulate. The emails will cover anything from severe weather, to any outbreaks, anything that a traveler/expat may need to know while abroad.

An example of an email he received back in December, advising him that the American Consulate would be coming to Xiamen. The closest consulate is in Guangzhou.

Example below:



American Citizen Services Outreach

Xiamen – December 18

The Consulate General will offer American Citizen Services at the following locations this Thursday:

The Consulate will provide the following services:

** Additional Passport Pages (See Below for Procedures)

Passport Renewals

Notarial Services

Registration with the U.S. Consulate


Information Regarding:

Medical/Legal Services in China

Warden Program

Tax Information

Federal Benefits Information

As for us Canadians, I received one email about voting in our past election. Aside from that, I have yet to receive one email notifying us of anything. When I posed the question to them, their reply was that they simply don't offer those services.

Mmm, makes you wonder where are dollars go..

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Ximena said...

hey...hey...hey...we do A LOT of passport outreach here! Not sure what's up with Guangzhou (am I assuming correctly that that's the closest consulate general to you guys?)

budget cuts...that's what it is...budget cuts!