Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jetsons vs. Flintstones

In the morning Mark enjoys one or two cups of coffee which happens to be instant coffee, except on the weekends. When we first arrived, I suggested that we purchase an electric coffee machine to which my husband replied a big fat NO.

Mark is extremely fussy when it comes to coffee, the water temperature has to be right, the grinds have to be so, the strength has to be perfect, you get the drift. Mark decided that in order to get a decent cup of coffee on the weekend, we needed to purchase a French press instead. We purchase this little guy (which gives us two cups of coffee) and throw in some of the beans. According to my beloved, there is an issue with this, as the beans have been grounded way too fine for his liking, so he decided that we needed to grind our own coffee. Okay, except he doesn't want an electrical coffee grinder, he wants a manual one. Of all places, you would think China would sell these grinders. Nope cannot locate one, electric grinders they have, manual not so much. I happened to mention our plight to one of our expat friends, and oddly enough she had one. She was going to throw it away, as they have an electrical one. We've had it for about a month and now we get to enjoy freshly ground coffee on the weekends.

Yesterday, I decided that I would be the good little wife, and start grinding some coffee for him, so he can have a decent cup of coffee before he leaves for work. I started grinding the coffee, and grinding and grinding. As I'm grinding, I keeping thinking of our friends Heather and Mike who purchased one of those new fangled coffee machines, (Keurig Platinum B70) that produces individual cups of coffee. You only need to select the coffee of your choosing and a perfect cup of coffee comes out each time. Thirty minutes later I'm still grinding.

Yea, our friends are the Jetsons, and we're the Flintstones.


Mark said...

In my defense, we did purchase the biggest french press that we could find and an electric grinder would only work while we were over here in China.
Thinking back then that we would have returned home by now spending money on an electric grinder would not have been worth it...

jeanette s. said...

just dropping by to say i have been enjoying reading ur blog, i am planning to go to xiamen next week so i'm trying to read up more abt xiamen (even though ive been there once) and stumbled upon ur site, its pretty interesting. and finally there is somebody who has the same opinion abt the winter climate in xiamen, everybody is puzzled why i'm so scared going there in winter, i told them since their winter in mild, so most houses dont hav heater. i've tried sleeping in that kind of temp. its really difficult specially for somebody like me who is from the philippines :)

heather said...

LOL! You gave us a huge laugh... I have to admit, now, when I press the button on the coffee maker, and 30 seconds later, as my steaming cup of perfectly made coffee deposits into my happy coffee cup, I will think of you guys grinding away! That's damn funny. Oh, and we love the picture. Mark looks a little too happy, like maybe he's gone a little nuts?