Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leaving Ipoh, arriving Penang

After feasting on a very tasty breakfast which included, eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, pancakes, and fruit salad, Mark and I packed up our belongings as we were headed to Georgetown.

Sister Hong was kind enough to book our return passage, via the Express train to Butterworth, which is across the bay from Georgetown. Sis thought it would be great way for us to see some of the countryside that Malaysia has to offer.

The Express Train to Georgetown

Our train departed a little past 12:30 and was to arrive into Georgetown at 5:30pm. Strangely enough, the bus takes 3 hours, and a car takes 2 hours, so not sure when the express part kicks in.

We watched the countryside as we slogged on, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains. We also noticed the poverty as we arrived closer into Butterworth. The homes that were falling apart, the garbage that lined the yards of people's homes, and the filthy water that some were fishing in, hoping to find some food.

Once we arrived in Butterworth, we took the ferry over to Georgetown, where we hopped in a taxi to our hotel. The Bayview Riverside, which was our home for the next 5 days, was centrally located, so it was great for walking around the city.

The ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown

Georgetown Harbour

I say this, but walking around Georgetown is quite an experience. Unlike here in Xiamen, where drivers will either slow down, or drive around you, Georgetown drivers don't seem to care that you are walking on the side of the road, ( sidewalks seem to be minimal or non existant) and streetlights are few and far between. Patience is a virtue.

The oldest Protestant church

We decided to wander around and take in some of the sights, so we headed to Little India, where the music that was coming from some of the shops could make you deaf instantly. It's crazy to think that this form of advertisement works, and yet it must. We quickly found a quiet Indian restaurant, where we could enjoy some tasty food, in a quiet atmosphere.

Little India

We headed back to the hotel for a good night's sleep, both exhausted. I think the express train took it out of us!


Nyonya Pearl said...

Ha Ha Welcome to Penang.

Indeed Penang is crazy and hilarious but we are so used to it, I guess.

Life is good here. Peaceful in this blissful little island.

Enjoy your stay here,ya!


renaye said...

u know i have never sat in the train before even though i'm from penang. and i have never seen the georgetown harbour. so u r muck luckier than me!

Mom said...

this is so true. . . . we never see the wonders we have at home until someone points them out to us, or someone comes to visit! Then we show off our beautiful sights.
Sounds like this area is charming even with the foot traffic problem. You made it home didn't you, without a scratch. So stop complaining!

jeanette s said...

re: the ur comment abt the drivers in xiamen, i'm from manila and i can say that 90% of the drivers here are crazy drivers too, but when i went to shishi city i was so confused as to what direction they are going, i just dont know how to describe it, and i thought our driving in manila are already the craziest. so hearing from u that xiamen drivers are orderly, its a pleasant surprise. its good that theyre not like the ones in shi shi city.