Thursday, March 12, 2009

... back to posting.

It's been a tough week where I left Tina all alone to handle writing blog post for all of you to enjoy. It's not that I was purposely slacking on the posts - last Sunday I left the cold and dreary Xiamen for the slightly warmer island just across the straight. For the last week I've been in Kaohsuing, Taiwan enjoying this view from my hotel.
Looks nice right? Yes, but I'm here for work and this trip other then looking out my window I haven't gotten a chance to see any of Taiwan.

I was initially planning on returning to Xiamen on Friday but plans have changed and I'll be here throughout the next week. Tina found this change in plans unacceptable, I understand as I missed her too, and she decided to take the ferry from Xiamen to Kinmen and then fly herself to Kaohsuing for the weekend.

It was a very welcome break, and we got to enjoy the weekend and everything that Kaohsuing has to offer together. And because of that you all now get to enjoy some photos of the Lotus pond that we went up to this afternoon -

Dragon & Tiger Pagodas
Qing Shui Temple
Another fun thing that Kaohsuing has are restaurants set up just across the tarmac from the airport. It's listed as the closest you can get to an airport to view landings and takeoffs anywhere in the world. Problem being that there are not a lot of flights as say a Chicago or Shanghai, but we still managed to see a plane land and two take off while we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset...
Small plane coming in for landing
Taking off at dusk

Tina leaves first thing tomorrow morning to return to Xiamen, and I will head back at the end of the week. So, once again, you will be left with posts only from Tina - that is if she decides that she has anything worth sharing with you.....

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