Thursday, April 9, 2009

Parks in China

One beautiful morning, I was headed to the park to have my taiji lesson. Upon arrival I noticed how busy the park was of people doing their morning exercises.

In the same area that I practice taiji, there was a group of 12 women doing yoga, right behind them was a young man practicing his kungfu movements, about 30 feet from him was an elderly man doing jumping jacks, two more women doing something or other, another younger man practicing taiji and finally Yang and I. That is one thing that I have to say that we noticed about living in China, the Chinese love their parks. Be it to exercise, fly kites, play badminton, have a game of cards, sip tea or relax with some friends, it's always busy, whether it's in the middle of the week or on the weekends.

As everyone was getting their healthy dosage of exercises, we saw yet another group who too were enjoying the park.

School children, who were more than happy to yell out...hello...hello...hello..

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