Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tour with Barb and Nancy

Now that Barb and Nancy have left us and are enjoying Hong Kong, Mark and I figure we would back track a bit. The next few days we will share some photos that we took while travelling from Beijing to Shanghai, to Tongli, and finally to Xi'an before heading back to Xiamen.

When Barb, Nancy and I went to the Great Wall, we were extremely fortunate for two things, that a) the weather was outstanding, and b) there were few people walking the Great Wall. Barb walked a bit of it, while I continued walking hoping to avoid crowds when taking pictures. I was very lucky, aside from a couple ahead of me, and a group of French tourists, way, way ahead of me, I basically had a section of the wall, all to myself. Rare, I am sure, so I enjoyed every moment of it.

The next day we went to the Forbidden City and Tian'anmen Square. Apparently you can only see Mao's mausoleum in the morning. It's closed on Tuesday's which we were fine with. There were more people here than on the Great Wall, but still not as bad as last October, after the Olympic Games. These cats knew how to live!

While we were at the Forbidden City, Nancy and Barb were a hit with the Chinese!

The weather in all the places we visited was excellent. Clear skies and warm temperatures.

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