Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogger Issues

Sorry - We would love to post something but somebody on blogger out there must have angered the great China firewall. It could be a universal China block, or maybe just down by us, all I know is that we can't see and our normal workarounds also seem to be affected. It's taken a lot of time and work just to get to where we can write this, and even now we can't load pictures and aren't fully sure if this will post.

We will work on this more tomorrow since it's a weekend and I'll be able to devote more then an hour to trying to determine how to post something.


ERIK///// said...

Hey Mark,

I'm in Xiamen also -- And still haven't figured out how to get postings uploaded. Any tips you have to share?



Mark said...

Erik - the only way that we are able to is to connect through a VPN.

We use Firefox with the Gladder add-on which usually has enough proxy options so that you can always post, but this time their blocking seems better then it was in the past.

Sorry I can't offer more options, hopefully the block will be removed in a few weeks.