Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elaine & Emily - Guest Blogging Post #2

We woke up slowly on day two… coffee, writing the blog and checking email. We headed out around 10:00am and walked through the Bashi market. It was fun watching Elaine experience the sights, smells and action for the first time. Fresh vegetables, meat ranging from any kind of poultry to sea creatures, all freshly slaughtered. We were lucky in that we missed witnessing any fresh kills. We decided to pass on breakfast after our aromatic experience.
It was a short walk to the ferry over to Gu Lang Yu. We meandered around the island, taking pictures and looking at the old foreign consulate building; beautiful as always with flowers blooming everywhere. Lunch was at a small beach resort on the water. We had grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches (really, cheese and tomato on toast) accompanied by Tsing Taos. Then it was on to the Pearl World extravaganza where you can make purchases at the very special “Tina friend” discount. Tina often says that you go broke saving money in China; we could relate to this.
After walking around some more, we caught the ferry back. It was hot and raining. We came home, refreshed, and then on to Me and You 2, an outdoor bar by the water. Tina and Mark convinced the bar owner to offer pitchers of sangria. Apparently he finally gave in about two weeks ago, lucky for us. Mark met up with us and took us to dinner at one of their favorite seafood restaurants in the Hai’ An Park.

Dinner was delicious -- we were sorry we didn’t take any pics of the food: eggplant, snails, whole fish with the head (Elaine did well!), lamb in spicy sauce with cilantro and parsley. Another relaxing day in island life.

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